Shennong Tea

Shennong Tea Co. was looking for a modern, elegant brand and packaging design that avoided stereotypical “Asian” fonts. The package design had a horizontal design on one side and a vertical orientation on the other. This allowed the packages to be oriented on shelves with different heights.

“Shennong (Chinese: 神农), whose name means the Divine Farmer — and who is considered as the ancient Chinese Father of Agriculture, is honored with the discovery of tea. According to legend, one fall afternoon, Shennong decided to take a rest under a Camellia tree and boiled some water to drink. Dried leaves from the tree above floated down into the pot of boiling water and infused with the water, creating a pot of tea, marking the first ever infusion of the tea leaf. Intrigued by the delightful fragrance, Shennong took a sip and found it refreshing.” Source: