"Duh-ni-al, Dan-yall, Danielle."

I’m Danial Vereb (pronounced like Daniel), a visual problem solver, museum aficionado, ardent hiker, and champion of the Oxford comma. Since graduating from The University of Akron, I’ve traveled and worked for boutique agencies to nationally recognizable companies; assisting them alone or collaborating on a team to solve their respective design challenges. These experiences have afforded me a wide variety of design situations, including the opening of a new restaurant, and providing invaluable information to at-risk youth. The success of each project depended on effective communication.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work! I’ve chosen the select pieces on this site because they display the characteristics that are important for effective communication: elegant, approachable, and fun. If you like what you see, download my résumé, drop me an email, or connect on LinkedIn.


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