Lemonade Landing Page Concept

Lemonade Landing Page Concept

A request to see how I would re-design an existing landing page, the caveat being I had a deadline of only three hours for completion. This was a fun challenge, as the concept also needed to include a gif/animation.

“Spend no more than 3 hours creating a campaign landing page for Lemonade Pet Insurance directed towards new pet owners. Utilize a section of the page to showcase a gif or animation that enhances the experience.”

For the gif/animation, I chose simple shapes for two reasons: 1. time constraint. 2. The shapes could be used to create patterns for other branding materials such as packaging, business cards, etc.

This concept is not meant to be a “final” design, but merely to showcase my own thought process under time constraints. I re-designed the landing page based off the existing one (the goal being to streamline the information), created the illustrations and storyboarded them, to finally animating them using timeline in Photoshop.

The three icons used (Diagnostics, Procedures, and Medication) are from flaticon.com

Diagnostics icon made by: Good Ware
Procedures icon made by: srip
Medication icon made by: Freepik